Case-assessment conference (CAC)

Case-assessment conference (CAC)

Case assessment conference (CAC) is the first step in the Family Court’s process after a final application relating to property issues has been filed. (This step is different in the Federal Circuit Court.)

CACs are run by registrars (usually, in Sydney, on level 8 of the court building).

The purpose of a CAC is to provide directions for the preparation of a conciliation conference (the next step). The importance of these directions is often underestimated by participants. They can (and often do) make the difference between a successful conciliation conference and a failed one – the difference between resolving a matter at a relatively early stage and going on through the court system (with the costs and stress likely to be associated with that).

Ideally, CAC directions should be carefully and thoughtfully prepared; they should anticipate any significant problems likely to occur at conciliation conference in the particular circumstances of the matter and they should contain provisions that mean those problems will not arise at the conciliation conference or will be resolved beforehand.

See also Conciliation conference.